special projects


School Bowl

This bowl was made for the UMS-Wright Preparatory school in Mobile Al. This school was the first private school in the state of Alabama. The wood is from the wainscoting of the front staircase of the house. The school was founded in 1893


Church Bowl

This Bowl was made for the First Baptist Church of Bayou La Batre Al. The wood is heart pine that came from the church rafters that burned in a fire. 


Church Hollow Form

This hollow form was made for the owners of the First Francis St Methodist church in Mobile Al. It is no longer used as a church. It is now an event hall and the wood in this vase came from the renovations and is heart pine. 


Pen set

This pen set was made from from wood that a family recovered that has sentimental value.


Pet Urn

This pet urn was made for a very special family pet.


Teacher's Urn

this one of a kind apple urn was made for a collage professor as his finale resting place.

About Us

Tommy Akridge

I am a southern lower Alabama boy ( we call this LA) from a little town called Bayou La Batre. Made famous by the movie Forest Gump, Bayou La Batre is a small seafood town just 20 miles south of Mobile. getting in to wood working has changed my life. I love seeing the faces when I give my customers their product. With great love and care I make items from reclaimed wood form  old homestead, fallen trees for  customers to keep as a keepsake.   Thank you for taking the time to visit my page.

Tiger Bowl

Check out other videos on the video page of other wood art pieces, pet urns and cremation urns